Robeson County Sheriff Burnis Wilkins

As Sheriff of Robeson County, Burnis is improving the working relationships between all law enforcement personnel, 1st Responders & citizens of our county. He is joining forces with agencies within the county as well as state and federal partners to establish task forces to combat the huge drug problem that has eroded our county for many decades; leading to other major crimes. Sheriff Wilkins has a goal to go back to the time where residents felt comfortable within their own homes. He feels it is his ultimate responsibility as Sheriff to bring a sense of safety and security to ALL citizens in the workplace and at home.

Burnis is married to the lovely Jamie Wilkins. They enjoy spending quality time with their children and grandchildren, and participate in many community activities such as, Bike runs for charity, Relay for Life events & various Robeson County Fair events. Keep your eyes open at public events, you’ll likely see Sheriff Wilkins!

We have sought out assistance from our local, state and federal partners and have signed many mutual aid agreements. We have joined on with numerous task forces thereby allowing us to have more manpower and resources. Our volunteer Cold Case Team is doing incredible work behind the scenes and many hurting families have been contacted regarding their loved ones.

The Misdemeanant Confinement Program and Community Service workers are pairing up to pick up litter and keep some of our county grounds clean. The Community Impact Team has already made huge strides in neighborhoods in the county and they just started last week. We have added on new K9’s to have one available 24/7.  While we don’t advertise our every move, our agency is working very hard for you. We don’t seek out praise for our service as it is expected by the public that we serve. I expect my staff to serve you honorably, professionally and with respect and thus far I have received many thanks for their service to you.