Are You OK?

The “Are you OK?” Service is a FREE telephone service designed to enhance the quality of life for older adults, or adults with disabilities, who live alone or who are at risk of sudden illness, falls, accidents, and/or social isolation. Through the service, the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office places a daily call to each person enrolled at a specified time. If no response is received, a Deputy is dispatched to the residence to ensure the person’s safety.

How This Works

The “Are You Ok?” system makes daily computer generated calls to subscribers at a set time each day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If the subscriber is okay, they hang up the phone after hearing the pre-recorded message. The computer assumes the subscriber is okay if they answer the telephone.

If the subscriber does not answer the phone, it will alert the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office and someone will try to make contact with that person or key holder to check on the subscriber. If they cannot make contact, a law enforcement officer will be dispatched to their residence.

If the subscriber is not going to be home at the time of the call, they will be asked to call a special number to leave a message indicating they will not be home.

Register Your Loved One!

Anyone interested in signing up for “Are You OK?” is asked to contact Pastor Jimmy Hunt of the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office.
Pastor Jimmy Hunt
910.608.2193 – Office – email

All information will be kept confidential.