Sheriff Burnis Wilkins

Sheriff Burnis Wilkins is a 40+ year sworn law enforcement Officer serving with city, county, state and federal agencies. Sheriff Wilkins possesses a Criminal Justice Degree and numerous state certifications and is also the recipient of the ‘Order of the Long Leaf Pine’. He is an EMT and has a long history of volunteer service to Robeson County. Prior to being elected Sheriff in 2018, he was a Lumberton City Councilman.

As Sheriff of Robeson County, Burnis is improving the working relationships between all law enforcement personnel,  1st Responders & citizens of our county. He has joined forces with agencies within the county as well as state and federal partners to establish task forces to combat the huge drug problem that has eroded our county for many decades; leading to other major crimes. Sheriff Wilkins has a goal to go back to the time where residents felt comfortable within their own homes. He feels it is his ultimate responsibility as Sheriff to bring a sense of safety and security to ALL citizens in the workplace and at home.

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Something’s in the Air

And it’s exciting! We’re coming together as a community & working to take back our home. This is what The Robeson County Sheriff’s Office under Sheriff Burnis Wilkins’ leadership is doing. We’re getting out in our communities and making changes daily. Our Officers are getting to know the citizens personally; after all we are neighbors.

Blue on Black

The men and women who work day & night to protect and serve US ALL. Leaving their own families to protect ours. Law Enforcement is a calling of the highest order.


Our Staff works very hard for the citizens of our county to have respect for and confidence in our Office. We encourage citizens who have had a positive experience to let us know via our commendation form. The same goes for any complaints. We accept criticism and try to learn from it. Respect for each other goes a long way towards taking our county back.

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1st Annual Wag-A-Ween (FREE ADOPTIONS)

The Robeson County Sheriff’s Office Animal Protective Services will host a “1st Annual Wag-A-Ween” event on Saturday, October 28, 2023, from 10am-2pm. A free “Empty the Shelter” event will take place as well, and we hope you will tour the facility and pick out a...

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Animal Protective Services Van

The debut of the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office Animal Protective Services Van. Don’t miss it. 🐶🐱 Click here to see a video of our new van.

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