Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get a gun permit?

A. Complete an application at the Sheriff’s Office OR better yet save a trip & apply online OR download your concealed permit application (or renewal) from our site and take it in!

Q. How much does a gun permit cost?

A. Gun purchase permits are $5 per permit. Please have correct change if using cash. Credit/debit cards are now accepted.

Cashier’s Check, Money Order or Card for the following:
Concealed new or renewal permits; both are by appointment only please have the amount listed in the packet available.

No ATM on the premises.

Q. How much does fingerprinting cost?

A. Fingerprints are $5 for in county residences.

Q. How do I take a warrant out on someone?

A. Go to the Magistrates Office and talk with a Magistrate. They will hear your complaint & direct you on the process. If your complaint justifies a warrant being issued they will help you, or they will recommend a solution to your problem.

Q. I need a Deputy!

A. If a deputy is needed at your home, you’re reporting a repossession, or if you need an escort for a funeral please call 910-671-3170.

Q. I need info on a vehicle accident! Help!

A. If you are calling in reference of a vehicle accident you will need to contact NC HWY Patrol at 910-618-5555 or the toll free number 1-800-334-7411.

Q. For how long are gun permits valid?

A. Five years from the time you receive it to purchase the weapon.

Q. Who does the Sheriff answer to?

A. The Sheriff is an elected official and reports only to the voters.

Q. How do I go about visiting an inmate?

A. Video Visitation only! Please visit to schedule a visitation appointment.

Inmate trust fund:

Anyone can deposit funds into a inmates account by using the ATM in the Jail lobby. The transactions can be cash or credit card (fees will apply) or can be deposited on line by using McDaniel Supply’s website(

Money orders will be received only if it is being sent from 50 miles or more.

Q. I know something that may help solve a crime or I have information I’d like to pass to someone at the Sheriff’s Office. What do I do?

A. You may call our office @ 910-671-3100 OR use a tip form here on our site. You may stay anonymous.