Detention Center

The Robeson County Sheriff’s Office Detention Center houses all persons arrested in Robeson County by local law enforcement. The Detention Center was open in 1992 and has a capacity to house 412 inmates.  The Detention Center staff consists of over seventy officers which includes sworn law enforcement officers and armed detention officers.

Supervisor: Major Ryan Howard

Captain Lloyd Powell

NO in person visitation at the moment
Limited visitation through smart mail kiosk and pastoral visits only for on-site. Inmates are allowed one free 15 min kiosk visitation per week.

Inmate trust fund:

Anyone can deposit funds into a inmates account by using the ATM in the Jail lobby. The transactions can be cash or credit card (fees will apply) or can be deposited on line by using McDaniel Supply’s website (

Money orders will be received only if it is being sent from 50 miles or more.